News Apple Vision Pro launches on February 2nd

Pre-Order January 19th

Got an extra $3499 laying around and not sure what to spend it on? Well, the Apple Vision Pro might be just the product you are looking for! Launching February 2nd, Pre-Order January 19th

Apple has announced that their Vision Pro headset will launch on February 2nd. This is Apple’s first wearable device that goes on your head.

So is it a VR (Virtual Reality) headset? No. What about AR (Augmented Reality), XR (Extended Reality), MR (Mixed Reality)? Well, apparently not. While is has many of the same features of headsets that have fallen into those categories in the past, Apple seems to not want the device to fall into any of those limiting buckets. As UploadVR has reported, ‘Apple Won't Let Vision Pro Developers Describe Their Apps As VR, AR, MR, Or XR’.

What exactly is the Apple Vision Pro? Apple is calling it a ‘spatial computer’ that ‘transforms how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment’.

The Vision Pro will start at $3499, which is quite the investment for early adopters, when it remains to be seen how revolutionary the device will be. The device has a bunch of amazing features, and from a hardware perspective, is very powerful. However, the success of these types of devices tends to come down to the apps that are available, and third party companies continuing to support them with new apps.

One of the downsides of the device seems to be the need for an external power supply. There is no built in battery where you can use it completely wirelessly. Though you can use the included external battery, you will always have a wire coming out of the device that needs to be plugged into something. I personally will be interested to see how this impacts the end user experience.

Will I be getting one? Well… let’s just say: don’t expect a review on the device anytime soon. Like most purchases, it always comes down to price vs value for me. I will be expectantly watching the thoughts of others reviewers to help me make a decision on whether to purchased one eventually, or wait for a future revision of the device, with hopefully a price cut to go with it.