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Meta Other Worlds Sale Banner
Other Worlds Sale happening now
up to 60% off
Meta is running 'Other Worlds Sale' until 11:59pm PT on February 25th
Image of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 with an arrow with video file icon pointing from Vision Pro to Quest 3
Update: View Spatial Videos on Meta Quest... maybe?
Dimensional Videos
Meta has added the ability to view spatial videos that have been recorded using an iPhone 15 Pro, if you can get it to work.
Image of Hideo Kojima and Herman Hulst at Columbia Pictures Studios
Hideo Kojima announces next game
Action Espionage
Hideo Kojima announced what he will be working on after he wraps up Death Stranding 2. Get the details here..
Image of a woman playing Demeter
Demeter is available on Meta Quest
Mixed Reality Adventure
Demeter is now available from French developer Novelab. It is a mixed reality platforming game with puzzle solving. Check out my initial thoughts with the game.
CitraVR Logo on a dark background
Hands on with CitraVR on Meta Quest 3
Beast or Dud?
I have spent a couple of hours with CitraVR on my Meta Quest 3. How does it perform, and what is the experience like? Find out here!
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Game developer layoffs are exploding right now
On-demand employment
There is a large boom in layoffs happening right now in the games industry. Is this a signal of a larger issue? Or, is this just business as usual?
A Meta Quest 3 headset with a Nintendo 3DS logo on it
Citra Emulator coming to Quest
Citra was riginally created in April of 2014, and it has since become the go-to emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. Logo
State of GameScavenger - January 2024
The only constant is change
It has been a little over a month since GameScavenger launched. If you have read our About section, you know that I want to keep everyone informed on the work that is going into the website. Including changes that have / are going to be made in the future.