News Demeter is available on Meta Quest

Mixed Reality Adventure

Demeter is now available from French developer Novelab. It is a mixed reality platforming game with puzzle solving. I have spent some time with it, and so far I am impressed by the unique nature of playing in mixed reality.

Demeter released on Meta Quest on January 25th. It is the first full game from French developer Novelab. It is a puzzle platformer where you play as a an alien named Atalanta who has crash landed on a strange planet called Demeter. In the game you will explore several locations while solving puzzles, try to understand what is going on with the planet, and figure out how to help save it.

What makes Demeter unique from other puzzle platformer games on Quest, is that it you play the game in mixed reality. So the game world is incorporated into your own play environment. The game provides you with instructions on what type environment will provide you with the best experience. This includes play area size, and what types of furniture should be present in the play area.

I wont be providing a full review here, but I have spent about 3 hours with the game so far, and I have been impressed by the uniqueness that the mixed reality gameplay offers. It feels fresh from what I usually play on my Quest, and as such, has kept me engaged and wanting to play some more.

While the gameplay has been excellent, I haven’t been as impressed with the voice acting in the game so far. There have been several moments where the voice acting pulled me out of the immersion of the game, due to how unnatural it sounded at the moment.

I am hoping that the narrative will continue to engage me, so that I can overlook Demeter’s faults and have a overall enjoyable experience. If I do end up rolling credits on the game, I will make sure to put up a full review of my experiences with it.