News Citra Emulator coming to Quest


The Citra emulator for 3DS games will be coming to the Meta Quest platform as a sideload app. It is call CitraVR.

Citra was originally created in April of 2014, and it has since become the go-to emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices.

As reported by UploadVR, next week, Meta Quest devices will join the list of compatible devices for Citra. Support will come via a new app for the Quest, CitraVR. The app is being developed by Amanda Watson, who also developed Air Link.

The app will not be available on the Meta Quest Store. Instead, the app will be required to be installed using SideQuest, or downloaded from GitHub.

Game compatibility is yet to be fully determined, with Watson saying that performance will be 'game-dependent'. I am wondering if it will also be 'device-dependent'. We already know the Quest 3 is capable of higher resolutions, and higher-resolution textures than the Quest 2. So, it will be interesting to see how that translates to frames-per-second with this particular emulator.

One final note from UploadVR's article, CitraVR will only support 3DS games, it will not be backwards compatible with DS games.