Site News State of GameScavenger - January 2024

The only constant is change

There have been a lot of updates to the website, and there are a lot more to go.

It has been a little over a month since GameScavenger launched. If you have read our About section, you know that I want to keep everyone informed on the work that is going into the website. Including changes that have / are going to be made in the future.

I originally thought that a monthly article, like this one, to list out all these changes would be the best approach. I might still do that. Though, thinking more about it, there might be some months that are lighter than others, and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. So if you don’t see a new article each month, just know I am saving it until I have more content to update you about.

So without further ado, here are the updates (in no particular order):

Website Changes:
  • Lots of little changes to site look and feel
  • Rewrote HTML code for several pages to make future updates easier to do
  • Fixed UI for different device screen sizes from Phone to PC
  • Changed links from to
  • Created circle progress bar for OpenCritic aggregated review scores
  • Update Featured Sales to be hidden by default on home page, tap / click to reveal
  • Update TL;DR section to be hidden by default, tap / click to reveal
  • Article post dates on home page
  • Fix game about section special characters not displaying correctly
  • Created page layout for Reviews
  • Fixed issue with some game pages not loading
  • Started work on search engine optimization
  • Added page descriptions in the page meta data
  • Changed article images to .webp format to help optimize page loading
  • Updated a few queries to avoid gathering all information that is not needed to load the given page
Changes Still in the Works:
  • Rewriting code used to gather game information — will allow capturing data about different game editions, and also game DLC
  • Write the first game Review for the Website — Need to play a game from beginning to end… what game will it be? Even I am not sure yet, have been focused on site improvements, haven’t played many games recently.
Known Issues:
  • Track button behavior on some web browsers: When using the web browser’s back button after clicking “Track”, It appears that the Track button reverts itself. You may assume you are no longer tracking the game. However, you are. It is just a UI issue.
  • Probably many more I still need to discover